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Clausaball by Jinglenog

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-Mouth Blown, Handpainted and Glittered in Poland. -Sterling Silver Lined Molded Glass Ornament. -4" Tall Easily frightened the Clausaball twins always travel together, in search of a loving home. Shy, nervous and fretful worriers they feel safest when they are nestled deeply into the strong limbs of any evergreen. Their expressions are known to change from fret to a sleepy eyed full body sigh when they settle in the soft warm twinkling glow of a lighted fir. Requiring much love and constant reassurance, this is a relationship that you cannot enter into lightly because once they have found you they will never let you go. They are very easy to care for however, no food or water is required, only love. Great listeners, they never challenge your thoughts or logic. They never talk back, simply listen and soak in all of your cares and worries. There is a text book transference that occurs in this relationship. When you first meet, they need you to help them with their quest for the perfect home. Then, as the days pass with the Clausaball’s slowly you realize that you need them. Yes, you do. Who else is going to be able to take care of them and love them as you do? Who else can sooth that fretful look on their faces or understand them without a word spoken? Most importantly, who else listens to you like they do? Yes, once they have found you, you will never let them go!

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