Lil Spot Cream Belly Blanket

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This belly blanket is a welcoming place for your little one’s tummy time and is perfect for play.

The blanket is made from luxuriously soft plush and has a velvety soft velour underside. This cushy play mat is sure to be a baby’s favorite and grow with them well into childhood as a cuddle pal.

The Lil Spot Cream Belly Blanket from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a delightful addition to any child's nursery. It is designed to provide a soft, safe, and inviting area for babies to enjoy their tummy time and play. This charming blanket features an adorable puppy dog face that will captivate and engage your little one, making it a blanket and a playtime companion.

Crafted from the most luxuriously soft plush, the Lil Spot Cream Belly Blanket offers an ultra-soft surface that feels gentle against baby's delicate skin. The underside of the blanket is made from a velvety soft velour, adding an extra layer of comfort and luxury. The combination of these materials makes the blanket incredibly cozy and perfect for laying, sitting, and eventually crawling. The design is not only functional but also whimsical and fun. The puppy's large, friendly eyes and floppy ears create a sense of warmth and friendship, making it a comforting presence during play and naps. The blanket measures generously and provides ample space for your baby to move around and explore their surroundings.

As your child grows, the Lil Spot Cream Belly Blanket will remain a favorite for years, transitioning from a comforting base for tummy time to a cherished cuddle pal for a toddler. It’s an ideal gift for new parents, a baby shower, or a first birthday. It offers durability and timeless appeal that will be appreciated as an essential part of the child’s growth and development.

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