All-red casket spray made entirely of roses.

Crimson Roses Casket Spray

A loving embrace of rich, regal roses in an all-red spray to adorn the casket. A full spray of crimson roses, alternating large with slightly smaller. Approximately 62" W x 22" H.

The Crimson Roses Casket Spray from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL is a profound expression of heartfelt condolence and deep love. This luxurious array presents a cascade of rich, velvety red roses, their lush blooms meticulously arranged in a symphony of size and depth, symbolizing undying affection and the passionate bond that endures beyond farewell. Crafted with care, alternating grand blossoms with their slightly smaller counterparts, this spray creates an impression of timeless elegance and respect. Each rose, with its delicate layers and sumptuous hue, speaks a silent language of honor, memory, and a poignant adieu. Spanning approximately 62 inches in width and 22 inches in height, it drapes the casket with a regal mantle, a testament to a life cherished and revered.

As an all-red floral tribute, it stands as a loving embrace, wrapping the final journey in the beauty of remembrance. The Crimson Roses Casket Spray is not just a floral arrangement; it is a final gift of beauty for one who was deeply loved, a visual serenade to accompany the gentle passage into everlasting peace.

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