Casket spray of red carnations and mini carnations accented with greenery.

Adoration Casket Spray

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This classic half-couch spray of brilliant red carnations makes a striking and dignified statement. Radiant red and miniature carnations accented by fresh greenery arrive in a lovely spray.

Approximately 36" W x 27" H.

At Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, the Adoration Casket Spray is a striking testament to respect and love. This dignified half-couch spray brims with the vibrant beauty of brilliant red carnations, a traditional emblem of deep affection and admiration. Each bloom is meticulously selected for its vivid hue and velvety texture, conveying a rich tapestry of sentiments that words alone cannot express. The miniature carnations add layers of depth and density to the arrangement, and their petite form is a delicate counterpoint to the larger blossoms. Set against the verdant backdrop of fresh greenery, this spray is a visual poem of enduring passion and respect.

Adorning the casket with such a magnificent spread of carnations is a powerful way to honor the departed, offering a final salute of unparalleled beauty and grace. Measuring approximately 36 inches wide by 27 inches high, the Adoration Casket Spray from Al's Florist is a loving gesture that symbolizes the high regard held for the loved one who has passed on.

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