Peach roses, cream carnations, and more arranged in a standing floral cross.

Angel's Cross

A beautiful religious sentiment. This cross features 13 different tightly arranged flowers and colors. Flowers include peach roses, cream carnations, yellow mini carnations, white monte casino and more. Delivered on an easel for display, and is appropriate to send to a funeral home or service. Approx. 20H x 13W

The Angel's Cross arrangement from Al's Florist & Gifts in Hollywood, FL, speaks a heavenly language of comfort and peace during times of loss. Composed of thirteen diverse and meticulously arranged blooms, this floral tribute is a testament to life's beauty and the serenity of eternal rest. The heart of this sacred symbol blooms with peach roses, their warm hues a gentle reminder of grace and affection. Cream carnations and sunny yellow mini carnations interweave with pristine white monte casino, each flower adding its voice to this harmonious chorus.

Delivered upon a noble easel for display, this floral cross serves as a poignant centerpiece at a funeral home or service, offering solace to the bereaved. Measuring approximately 20 inches in height and 13 inches in width, the Angel's Cross is not just an offering of sympathy but a celebration of the soul's journey and the angelic promise of everlasting light.

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