Casket spray made of all white flowers and simple greenery.

Bountiful Memories Casket Spray

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A casket spray made of all-white flowers and simple greenery is a simply stunning way to honor the deceased while bringing a quiet strength and serenity to those present. Gorgeous white oriental lilies, gladioli, carnations and more create a beautiful crescent-shaped casket spray. Approximately 49" W x 27" H.

The "Bountiful Memories Casket Spray" from Al's Florist & Gifts is a respectful and elegant tribute that symbolizes profound respect and love for the departed. This all-white floral arrangement is designed to honor the deceased's memory and provide solace and strength to those in attendance with its serene and dignified beauty.

Crafted with care, the spray features resplendent white oriental lilies whose majestic blooms are known for their exquisite fragrance and pristine appearance. They speak of purity and the rejuvenation of the soul. Alongside them, the noble gladioli stand tall, their linear form representing character and moral integrity. The tender carnations add a delicate touch, each petal a gentle reminder of undying affection and the bittersweet nature of farewell. This crescent-shaped casket spray is framed by simple yet rich greenery, bringing a sense of calm and continuity amidst the sorrow of parting. The lush leaves and ferns quietly support the white blossoms, much like the shared memories and support of loved ones during challenging times.

Spanning approximately 49 inches in width and 27 inches in height, this spray is a profound gesture of remembrance, a graceful arc of peace that tenderly graces the casket with a promise of eternal love and the comforting embrace of remembrance.

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