Floral cross of white and creme flowers.

Divine Light

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Your message of hope for eternal serenity is delivered ever so elegantly in this graceful cross. Your sincerity will be acknowledged by all who are present. Crème roses, white spray roses, oriental lilies, stock, leptosporum, cushion and button spray chrysanthemums create a beautiful cross to honor a loved one—approximately 22 1/2" W x 36" H.

"Divine Light" from Al's Florist & Gifts is a floral cross that serves as a beacon of hope and a profound symbol of faith. This elegant and graceful arrangement is a sincere expression of your deepest sympathies, delivering a message of solace and eternal peace during times of sorrow.

The cross is adorned with the gentle beauty of crème roses, their soft petals unfolding with a comforting presence. White spray roses are sprinkled throughout, their delicate blooms offering a semblance of purity and tranquility. The regal oriental lilies add a touch of majesty, their large, fragrant flowers standing as a tribute to the memory of the departed soul. Intermingled with the blossoms are stems of stock, contributing their soft color and soothing scent. The leptosporum provides a verdant foundation, symbolizing renewal and eternal life. Cushion and button spray chrysanthemums are gracefully placed throughout the cross, their fullness representing abundant love and prayers.

Measuring approximately 22 1/2 inches wide by 36 inches high, this floral cross is not merely an adornment but a sacred emblem that honors a cherished life. "Divine Light" is a beautiful and heartfelt way to pay tribute to a loved one, acknowledging their spiritual journey with reverence and love.

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