All-white sympathy spray of calla lilies, casablanca lilies, stock and hydrangea.

Elegant Grace

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All White White Spray of some of the most elegant flowers available. White Calla Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, stock, and Hydrangea

Elegant Grace from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, captures the essence of serenity and purity with a cascade of white blooms. This all-white spray creates a vision of timeless beauty, with each flower carefully chosen for its symbolic grace and elegance.

White Calla Lilies stand proudly, their trumpet-like blooms heralding reverence and celebrating a life well-lived. The Casablanca Lilies, large and commanding, add a luxurious touch with their intoxicating fragrance and impressive presence. Together, these lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul at the end of life's journey. The selection is softened by the delicate clusters of stock, their fluffy blooms adding texture and depth, symbolizing a happy life and the bonds of affection. Completing the display is the hydrangea, its grandiose balls of flowers bringing fullness and a sense of completion, evoking heartfelt emotions and deep compassion.

Arranged with care and respect, Elegant Grace is more than a floral tribute; it's a soothing whisper to the heart, a comfort to those who gaze upon its beauty, and a dignified homage to a cherished memory.

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