Pink gladioli, alstroemeria and carnations in a white basket planter.

Heavenly Heights Bouquet

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Beautifully feminine. Serene but strong. This pretty basket of pink flowers is a lovely way to show you care. A mix of fresh pink blossoms like gladioli, alstroemeria, carnations, and more are lovingly arranged in a white basket. Approximately 23" W x 33" H.

The Heavenly Heights Bouquet from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, exudes a serene yet strong presence, perfect for expressing care and compassion with a touch of grace. Assembled in a delicate white basket, this arrangement stands tall with the dignified elegance of pink gladioli, which reach upwards, symbolizing strength and moral integrity. Interspersed among these towering blooms are the softer textures of alstroemeria, carnations, and additional pink blossoms, creating a harmonious blend of form and color. Measuring approximately 23 inches wide by 33 inches high, this bouquet presents a lush, full display of shades of pink, each flower chosen for its beauty and freshness. The varying tones of pink evoke a sense of gentle warmth and affection, making it a beautiful expression of sympathy, celebration, or heartfelt sentiment.

Crafted with loving attention to detail, the Heavenly Heights Bouquet is a meaningful gesture, not just a floral arrangement. It's a tangible representation of emotions that may often go unspoken, offering a comforting presence during times when words are not enough. Whether it's a gesture of sympathy, a celebration of life, or a simple act of kindness, this bouquet will surely convey the depth of your feelings with its beautifully feminine allure.

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