Floral cross in white with red accents.

Hope and Honor Cross

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This striking red and white cross honors your loved one in a faithful way.

Approx. 36" cross

The Hope & Honor Cross from AL's Florist in Hollywood, FL, stands as a poignant tribute to the dearly departed, embodying a graceful expression of respect and remembrance. This approximate 36-inch tall cross, meticulously crafted with a bed of pristine white flowers, symbolizes purity, peace, and the steadfast spirit of the loved one it commemorates. Accented with a sash of rich red blooms, the arrangement captures the essence of enduring love and the unwavering faith that was a cornerstone of the departed's life.

Skillfully arranged by the compassionate hands at AL's Florist, this floral cross is a touching centerpiece for funeral services, offering comfort and hope to those in mourning. It's a visual testament to the legacy of the individual it's dedicated to, serving not only as a mark of sorrow but also as a celebration of a life lived with honor and a deep sense of faith. This striking piece, with its bold contrast and elegant silhouette, is a heartfelt way to convey the deepest sympathies, ensuring the memory of the loved one is honored most faithfully.

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