Sympathy basket of blue hydrangea, lavender roses, snapdragons, daisy spray chrysanthemums and more.

Love's Tapestry

This generous basket is a gorgeous way to send caring thoughts and hopes for brighter days ahead. Beautiful flowers such as blue hydrangeas, lavender roses, snapdragons, and daisy spray chrysanthemums, along with yellow Asiatic lilies, gerberas, gladioli, snapdragons, and brilliant greenery, are delivered in a lovely wicker basket. It is approximately 23 1/2" W x 31" H.

Love's Tapestry from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a bountiful basket that weaves the vibrancy of life’s garden with the warmth of caring thoughts. It's a masterpiece of sympathy, rich with many blooms that create a gorgeous testament to the human spirit and our wishes for brighter days. Blue hydrangea speaks of heartfelt emotions and understanding, while lavender roses whisper of enchantment and love's magic. These are joined by the towering grace of snapdragons, symbolizing strength and resilience, and the cheerful daisy spray chrysanthemums, which bring a touch of innocence and purity. The basket bursts with the sunlit beauty of yellow Asiatic lilies, their trumpets heralding hope and happiness alongside the sunny faces of gerberas. Noble gladioli adds a statement of integrity and character, standing tall amidst the splendid arrangement.

Nestled in a lovely wicker basket, this collection of nature's finest is not just a floral arrangement; it's a beacon of hope, a lush expanse of beauty approximately 23 1/2 inches wide and 31 inches high. It's our way of wrapping comfort and support in petals and leaves, sending a message that beauty endures and love surrounds us even in the most challenging times.

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