Standing easel spray with red, white and blue flowers and coordinating ribbon.

Patriotic Spirit Spray

This spirited standing spray will imbue everyone in attendance with patriotism.

The Patriotic Spirit Spray from Al’s Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a shining tribute imbued with national pride and honor. This standing spray is a striking display of patriotism, designed to stir the hearts of all in attendance with its rich, bold colors and commanding presence. Red roses and carnations stand proudly in the arrangement, each a beacon of valor and reverence. The pristine whites of chrysanthemums and lilies are interwoven with the reds, symbolizing purity and truth. The serene blues of delphiniums and statice speak of justice and perseverance, completing the patriotic palette of the American spirit. Accentuating this floral display is a flowing ribbon in the nation’s colors, which adds a traditional touch of solemnity and respect. The spray is a celebration of life and a powerful reminder of unity and the enduring spirit of the country.

Elegantly arranged on a stand, the Patriotic Spirit Spray from Al’s Florist is a fitting way to convey respect and remembrance, making it an ideal choice for honoring a life that served or celebrated the nation. It’s a visual symphony of gratitude, a standing ovation to the spirit that binds us all.

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