All-white casket spray of roses, orchids, calla lilies and hydrangea with greenery.

Purity & Peace Casket Spray

A stunning yet respectful testament in white, this spray for the casket includes roses, orchids, calla lilies and hydrangea accented by soft, trailing greens. White roses, orchids, large calla lilies, and perfect hydrangea stems.

Approximately 47" W x 17" H.

The "Purity & Peace Casket Spray" from Al's Florist & Gifts is a serene and dignified floral arrangement carefully crafted to convey a sense of peace and reverence. A testament to timeless beauty in white, this spray creates a hallowed atmosphere with its selection of premium blooms, each symbolizing purity, tranquility, and the everlasting soul.

Luxurious white roses, the epitome of respect and remembrance, softly blanket the casket, their delicate petals comforting those mourning. Among them, the elegance of white orchids stands out, representing eternal love and a farewell to a life as precious and unique as the blooms themselves. The spray is graced by the dignified beauty of large calla lilies, their trumpeted shapes heralding a message of divine glory and the renewal of the spirit. Completing this peaceful arrangement, clusters of hydrangea bring fullness and a sense of completeness, their lush globes embodying heartfelt emotion and deep empathy.

Measuring approximately 47 inches wide and 17 inches high, this casket spray is an eloquent expression of solace and sympathy, its trailing greens adding a natural, soft accent to the overall design. "Purity & Peace" is a tribute to the departed and a comforting embrace to the living, a reminder of the serenity that follows after a life well-lived.

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