All-red casket spray of roses and carnations accented with ivy.

Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray

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Red roses tell a story of love, beauty, and strength. This all-red spray graces the casket with accents of trailing ivy. A lush arrangement of deep red roses and carnations accented with gorgeous green ivy.

Approximately 43" W x 23" H.

The "Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray" from Al's Florist in Hollywood, FL, is a powerful and poignant expression of love and remembrance, ideally suited for honoring a cherished life. This luxurious casket spray comprises deep red roses and carnations, each bloom carefully selected for its vibrancy and beauty. Red roses, traditionally symbolizing deep respect, love, and courage, dominate this arrangement, making it a fitting tribute to someone who has made a lasting impact on the lives of others. Accented with delicate trails of green ivy, the arrangement adds a symbolic touch of fidelity and eternal life, enhancing the spray's visual appeal and emotional depth. With its ability to cling and grow, Ivy represents enduring memory and attachment, echoing the undying connections we hold with those we love and have lost.

This spray gracefully adorns the casket, measuring approximately 43 inches wide and 23 inches high, creating a striking focal point of natural beauty and heartfelt sentiment. The "Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray" is not just an arrangement; it's a final tribute of unparalleled love and respect, offering a sense of solace and strength to family and friends during grief. Its lush, all-red composition beautifully conveys a story of love, beauty, and strength, making it an ideal choice for a dignified and memorable farewell.

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