Satin cross pillow adorned with stargazer lilies and sweetheart roses.

Tribute Cross Pillow

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A Satin cross pillow adorned with stargazers and sweetheart roses

The Tribute Cross Pillow from Al's Florist & Gifts is a heartfelt expression of devotion and remembrance, a delicate offering to commemorate the life and faith of a loved one. Crafted from the softest satin, this pillow forms a cross, symbolizing eternal peace and the spiritual journey beyond this life. The magnificent stargazer lilies are adorned with this satin symbol of faith, each petal speckled with nature's constellations, suggesting the heavens above. Their rich, inviting fragrance and bold hues stand out against the purity of the white satin, creating a stunning visual contrast that captivates the soul. Interspersed among the lilies are the charming sweetheart roses, their deep reds evoking a sense of enduring love and the intimate bonds that remain unbroken bypassing.

This Tribute Cross Pillow is not just an adornment for a service; it's a personal statement of reverence, a soft sanctuary for precious memories. It's an intimate token of respect that perfectly captures the solemn beauty of farewell, offering comfort with its elegant simplicity and profound symbolism.

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