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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on July 18, 2019 | Last Updated: July 26, 2019 Uncategorized

5 Things College Students Don’t Know They Need

Gifts For College Students

Leaving for college is a busy and exciting time. Students have to figure out their class schedule and meal plan, get parking stickers and student IDs, and find their way around a new environment. If you have a student leaving for college soon, you’ve likely thought about what they might need once they get there. But if you’re thinking about gifting them with something a little extra, something they may not think of for themselves, the designers at Al’s Florist have got you covered. We’ve compiled a short list of ideas for back-to-school gifts that will let your student know how much you love and care for them, even when they’re miles away. 

Flowers and Gifts Show You CareDendrobium Orchid Pink Floral Arrangement - Modern Flowers

The best gift is totally unneeded and yet speaks volumes. Flowers, plants, and gifts bring joy, brightness, and happiness to any student on their back-to-school adventure! A beautiful bouquet of Sonia Dendrobium Orchids is as exotic as her first week away from home. Celebrate her independence with this bouquet of charming, long-lasting orchids.

Send him a delightful surprise to encourage him as he works hard this semester. A fun Gift Basket Delivery will let him know you’re thinking about him while staving off late-night cravings.

Junk Food Fantasy - Gift basket full of snacks

Nursing students have a busy term ahead. Let her know you’re so proud of her as she begins her first day of clinicals with our Succulence design. A beautiful bouquet of lime green hydrangea, hot pink and white roses, light pink spray roses, wax and assorted greens are accented with a beautiful succulent will set your student off for a stunning start to the semester.

Even More Gift Ideas

A Safe While college students don’t usually bring their jewel collection to the dorm with them, a sturdy safe tucked away in the closet or under the bed can provide a perfect place to stow extra cash, emergency information and valuable documents. Succulent Bouquet - Pink roses, succulents, green blooms, modern  design

Storage containers Students usually don’t have a lot of space, especially in a dorm room. Help them get organized with storage containers of varying shapes and sizes so they can make use of every inch of their room. 

Gas/Grocery Gift Cards College students are still learning the value of a dollar, so a gift card for a gas station or local grocery store will be more appreciated than you realize. Consider sending a “Thinking of You” card every so often with a gift card included, just to let them know you’re there to help. 

Portable Chargers Students are on the go more than ever, and with the technology required to meet college expectations, it’s often difficult to recharge. Send a portable charger for phones, tablets and laptops so they can stay connected wherever they are.


Your student is off on the adventure of a lifetime. Encourage them with thoughtful, helpful gifts and let your new independent student know they are loved and missed. Talk to the floral designers at Al’s Florist for more great gift and delivery options for your college student.