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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on January 8, 2020 | Last Updated: January 13, 2020 Uncategorized

Don’t Wait! The Best Time to Order Valentine’s Day Flowers Is Sooner Than You Think

If you’ve ever witnessed a seasonal aisle in a store clear out the night before or the morning of a major holiday like Valentine’s Day, then you know it’s best to prepare well ahead of the big day, if you want to make it special. So, make your dinner reservations, pick out the fanciest box of chocolates, and the softest teddy bear now. Then, get ready to order your Valentine’s Day flowers early from Al’s Florist in Hollywood, Florida. 


Pink Roses

Make Me Blush

Why We Recommend Ordering V Day Flowers Early

1. Save Money

Between the holiday season and February 14th, the demand for flowers is much lower than normal, which directly translates to much lower prices. Plus, lots of florists offer discount incentives for customers who choose to order their Valentine’s Day flowers early. With lower prices leading up to Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the cost savings and put your extra money toward a fancy dinner or other romantic activity for your V Day date.

2. Choose from a Complete Selection

Just like chocolates clear out of the grocery store shelves on Valentine’s Day, florists run out of the most popular flowers quickly. In spite of ordering larger volumes of stock in anticipation of the holiday, it’s not uncommon to sell out of bouquets of long-stemmed red roses and other Valentine’s Day designs on the holiday. We recommend ordering early to ensure you’re able to order the type of flowers and the arrangement you want on Valentine’s Day before they sell out.

Red and White Roses

Love’s Divine

3. Avoid the Rush

You should spend Valentine’s Day celebrating your love for your significant other, instead of spending it running errands, picking up flowers, and making plans. If you’re still making plans and worrying about ordering flowers among the throng on V Day, you’ll spend the holiday stressed out and anxious. Be sure you have everything all set and ready to go before Valentine’s Day arrives so that you can spend the day enjoying the company of your loved one.

4. Don’t Stress about Delivery

With millions of flowers ordered and delivered every Valentine’s Day, it’s easily the busiest day of the year for florists and our delivery drivers. If you order your flowers and even choose to have them delivered a few days early, you’ll be guaranteed just about any delivery time you choose. Plus, your special someone will get to enjoy your romantic gift in anticipation of the big day.

Red roses and carnations are exquisitely arranged with white asiatic lilies and chrysanthemums in a ruby red glass vase

Be My Love

Romantic Flowers for a Perfect Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning a romantic day with your significant other this February 14th, don’t wait until the last minute to order a bouquet of gorgeous flowers — order early from Al’s Florist. We have a wide selection of bouquets designed especially with Valentine’s Day in mind and countless more designs if you’re looking for something unexpected. You can order online if you prefer to browse and view your selection before deciding. We also welcome you to stop by or call for personalized assistance and guidance from one of our experienced florists when choosing the perfect flowers for celebrating the most romantic day of the year.