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Posted by Vicky Rotunno on April 22, 2020 | Last Updated: April 25, 2020 Uncategorized

Why You Want Your Flowers to Come from an Eco-Friendly Florist

Everybody is aware of the importance of sustainable energy and food sources to safeguard the planet, however, you may not realize that bouquet flowers in your home or the ones you used in your wedding may have been farmed in a way that is damaging to the environment. Some flowers are more eco-friendly than others based on how they are grown. With Al’s Florist, we are devoted to offering high-quality floral products without sacrificing our commitment to nature.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

What Makes Flowers Sustainable?

Much like sustainably developed vegetables and fruits, eco-friendly flowers can also be created through environmentally accountable means. Eco-conscious farmers grow flowers naturally and slowly, using natural fertilizers, safe pesticides, and natural light. Sustainably grown flowers create oxygen and are not harmful to the people and environment around them. Environmentally friendly growers also tend to limit their distribution radius, supplying only local florist in order to reduce the pollution-causing effects of long-distance delivery.

Growing Buds

How To Tell If A Florist Is Eco-Friendly?


Sources Flowers Locally as Much as Possible

An eco-friendly florist constantly aims to source their flowers from local, reputable growers. This reduces the need to import flowers from afar and ensures they are responsibly grown.

Uses Recyclable Materials

Green, eco-friendly florists utilize reusable materials as much as possible. From using newspaper instead of plastic to wrap flowers, or reusable chicken wire and twigs for mechanics, recycling materials as well as using recycled materials go a long way in helping the environment.

Minimizes Waste

Eco-friendly florists lower the amount of waste by using every bit of their supplies. This would also include donating leftover stems to hospitals as well as nursing homes or even make use of them by composting.

Upcycles Vases

Green florists are usually willing to refill as well as recycle customers’ other flower containers and vases. We encourage our customers to return their vases when ordering a new bouquet of flowers as well as welcome parties to send back their vases following a special event.

Encourages Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal flowers are usually the freshest, most incredible, and least expensive flowers accessible from a florist. Easy to source from local flowers, seasonal flowers are always an eco-friendly choice.


Flowers in a Greenhouse

Sustainability Does Not Stop at the Florist: What You Can Do to Help

To obtain the best from your sustainably grown bouquet, we suggest pressing it or perhaps hanging them to dry. With dried flowers, you are able to enjoy the happy memories they brought you for decades to come. Other ways to give your flowers a second life is to make potpourri out them, bath bombs, or decoration in candles. Also, all plants and flowers are compostable.

Growing Plant in Ground

The most effective way for you to help support sustainable floristry is to seek out a local florist and purchase your flowers from them. Small, neighborhood florists are more likely to source their flowers from reputable farms and have fresh, seasonal flowers – more so than larger, nation-wide delivery services that leave very large carbon footprints.

You will no doubt get a bouquet made up of the freshest, best blooms offered in the area whenever you buy from a local florist. To discover more about how we practice sustainability, please give us a call.